Angel Zeininger- Biomechanics Research

Locomotor Development

Ontogeny of heel-strike and knuckle-walking in African apes: 
In this video, I describe our current data collection at the North Carolina Zoo. My research project was also highlighted on pages 39-40 of the 2013-2014 NC Zoo conservation report and on the NC Zoo website.

Biomechanics of bipedal walking in toddlers:
I collected kinematic and force plate data on toddlers to assess the pedal mechanics associated with the transition to a heel-strike and hallucal toe-off.

Ontogeny of digitigrade hand and foot postures in baboons: 

I measured joint angles and documented the transition in hand and foot postures throughout ontogeny in a digitigrade primate, Papio cynocephalus. This project was a collaborative effort with Liza Shapiro and David Raichlen.

Center of Mass Movements

Center of mass movements during tail assisted arm-swinging in New World Monkeys
Using tri-planar views of spider monkeys and woolly monkeys, I investigated the role of the tail in controlling center of mass movements during ricochetal and continuous contact arm-swinging. 

Effective Mechanical Advantage 

I compared effective mechanical advantage, joint moments, and extensor muscle force at the knee and ankle with body mass, limb length, and joint angles in adult humans as they walked with plantigrade and digitigrade foot postures.