Animal Locomotion Lab research is funded by the National Science Foundation, the Leakey Foundation, and the Force and Motion Foundation.

Active Grants:

2016  Ontogeny of heel-strike in hominoids
          (NSF BCS 151761$84, 266)
          Angel Zeininger (PI), Daniel Schmitt (co-PI), and Roshna Wunderlich (co-PI)

2014  Collaborative Research: Biomechanical Significance of bone material variation in the locomotor skeleton
          (NSF BCS 1440695, $61,780)
          Daniel Schmitt (PI)

Completed Grants:

2014  Gait mechanics of inverted walking: Implications for evolution of suspensory behavior
          (Leakey Foundation, $7,199)
          Michael Granatosky (PI)

2014  The kinetics of above and below branch walking in primates and other mammals
          (Force and Motion Foundation, $10,000)
          Michael Granatosky (PI)

2012 DDR: The biomechanics of vertical clinging and grasping in primates
         (NSF BCS 1155981, $18,483)
         Daniel Schmitt (PI) and Laura Johnson (co-PI)

2007 The evolution of diagonal sequence gaits in primates: A new approach to the problem
         (NSF BCS 0137930, $156,858)
          Matt Cartmill (PI), Pierre Lemlin (co-PI), and Daniel Schmitt (co-PI)

2005  Gait mechanics in primate and nonprimate quadrupeds
          (NSF BCS 0452217, $119,660)
           Daniel Schmitt (PI)

2005  DDI: Vertical climbing efficiency in primates
          (NSF BCS 0452631, $11,965)
          Daniel Schmitt (PI), and Jandy Hanna (co-PI)

2002 DR: Mechanical properties and functional morphology of mammalian foot pads
         (NSF IOS 0206456, $9,996)
         Louise Roth (PI), Kai Jung Chi (co-PI), Steve Vogel (co-PI), and Daniel Schmitt (co-PI)

1999 Mechanics of fine branch locomotion in primates and opossums: An experimental analysis of ecological convergence
         (NSF BCS 9904401, $55,055)
         Daniel Schmitt (PI)