Lab Resources

The Animal Locomotion Lab has long-standing relationships with the Duke Lemur Center and the North Carolina Zoo, allowing for biomechanical data to be collected on a wide range of primates including lemurs, Old World monkeys, and apes. We have equipment to collect kinematic and kinetic data in indoor and outdoor environments. For video data collection we have multiple cameras that can record at speeds up to 240 frames per second. Camera brands include Cannon Rebel, Sony Handycam, GoPro, and Peak Motus. Some of these cameras have infrared technology for filming in low light levels. For kinetic data collection we have Kistler, AMTI, and Pasco force plates, some of which are portable. In addition, we have accelerometers and a surface electrode EMG system. To analyze these types of data, our lab computers are equipped with software programs including MatLab, DLT dataviewer, VirtualDub, Bioware, and Maxtraq.
     For anatomical studies, the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology houses a large and growing collection of primate cadavers. These specimens are available for comparative analyses of muscle, soft tissue, and bony morphology. For bone analyses, we have a microindentor in the lab and an on campus microCT scanner that allows for high resolution analyses of muscle/tendon junctions and internal trabecular bone.