Primate locomotor mechanics

Over the past twenty years, members of the Animal Locomotion Lab have collected video and force data on nearly all major groups of primates and many non-primate mammals. Here are a few examples of our current projects on primate locomotion. 

Center of mass movements during tail-assisted arm-swinging in New World monkeys

Angel Zeininger and Daniel Schmitt are conducting an interspecific comparison of center of mass movements, energy recovery,and collisional losses during brachiation in AtelesAlouattaLagothrix, and Cebus

Ontogeny of hind and forelimb mechanics in great apes

Angel Zeininger, Daniel Schmitt, and Roshna Wunderlich are investigating kinematic and kinetic changes in both the hind and forelimb throughout locomotor ontogeny in infant, juvenile, and adult chimpanzees and gorillas.